About Heartland

Heartland Finance is part of Heartland Group, a financial services group with operations in Australia and New Zealand. Heartland has a long history with roots stretching back to 1875, and is listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges (under the ticker HGH). Heartland’s focus, no matter where we are, is to deliver financial solutions through speed and simplicity, and in particular digital platforms that make it easier for you to apply for the funds you need, when you need it. We spend our time finding more ways to give you more time – to run your business, to enjoy your retirement, to get where you’re going faster. Your time is better spent doing the things you really want to do.


Heartland Group is the leading reverse mortgage provider in Australia and New Zealand and has been providing small business loans since 2015. In Australia, Heartland provides finance for retirement through Heartland Reverse Mortgages and the Heartland Well-Life Loan, and business loans through Open for Business.

Since 2004 Heartland Reverse Mortgages (previously known as Heartland Seniors Finance) has helped more than 21,000 Australians aged 60 and over to live a more comfortable retirement by releasing equity from their homes. Heartland Reverse Mortgages is hands on and dedicated to doing the right thing when it comes to providing reverse mortgage options that work.

Reverse mortgages are a heavily regulated product in Australia and we are proud to have played a role in the development of public policy and regulation in the Australian reverse mortgage market.

With more Australians reaching retirement than ever before, and an increasingly high cost of living, some people may need a one-off lump sum to fund an immediate need as they are moving towards retirement, or in retirement. Heartland’s Well-Life Loan was launched to help those who are aged 60 or over get an extra financial boost when taking their next step in life, without having to mortgage the family home.

Open for Business is here to make it easier for Australian small business owners to apply for business finance. Our quick and simple online application means you can spend less time dealing with a finance provider, and more time working on your business.

Heartland has been establishing itself as a leader in small business finance in New Zealand since 2015 through our New Zealand Open for Business product. Now, Heartland is bringing its small business finance expertise to Australia.