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Funding the needs of Australia’s ageing population

13 September 2021

What could Australia look like in 40 years if the current policy settings remain the same?

The Senior discusses financial flexibility with a reverse mortgage

03 September 2021

Heartland recently spoke to The Senior about the importance of financial flexibility for retirees

Mortgage brokers help Heartland reach $1bn milestone

31 August 2021

On 6 July 2021, Heartland Reverse Mortgages’ loan book officially passed $1 billion (AUD).

[Video] Busting Reverse Mortgage Myths with Heartland

23 August 2021

Heartland recognises the trust customers place in us when taking out a reverse mortgage, and we take this duty of care seriously.

Heartland receives two Excellence Awards at the Australian Mortgage Awards 2021!

18 August 2021

The Australian Mortgage Awards is the leading independent awards event for the Australian mortgage industry, highlighting achievements and recognising excellence across the sector.

Are increasing costs putting a strain on your budget?

12 August 2021

Some of our existing and new customers have told us how challenging it is to live a comfortable retirement on the pension alone.

Keeping yourself safe online

09 August 2021

There has been an increase of cyber security threats and scams with the acceleration of technology, which unfortunately has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking to Canstar about the retirement income gap

27 July 2021

Heartland recently wrote an article with Canstar about the retirement income gap and our ageing population.

Heartland speaks to The Senior about our new unsecured Well-Life Loan

21 July 2021

Heartland’s Well-Life Loan is an unsecured loan designed for over 60s who want to fund their next step in retirement.

Advantage Newsletter July 2021

15 July 2021

Our July edition of Advantage Newsletter is now live!

The Senior discusses using a reverse mortgage for gifting

14 July 2021

Heartland recently spoke to The Senior about using a reverse mortgage for gifting, to help ease financial stress for both retirees and their families.

Speaking to MPA about how to identify vulnerable customers

13 July 2021

In a recent article, Heartland spoke to MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia magazine) about the importance of brokers identifying vulnerable customers

Reverse mortgages are changing lives – customer survey 2021

08 July 2021

Customers confirm reverse mortgages help with a comfortable retirement.

Expanding our age requirements for reverse mortgages

30 June 2021

Heartland is pleased to announce that, when someone aged 60 or over has a partner aged 55-59, we will now also be able to accept their application.

Heartland’s new eSign portal

28 June 2021

As part of our innovation commitment, we are excited to announce a new eSigning portal is now launching for our customers, and their solicitors, to electronically sign their loan documents.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

15 June 2021

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is commemorated each year on 15 June to highlight one of the worst manifestations of ageism and inequality in our society, elder abuse.

Federal Government budget announcements for the aged care sector – what you need to know

07 June 2021

On Tuesday 11th May 2021, the Federal Government announced their budget for 2021-2022. The initiatives included $17.7b being allocated over a 5-year term to reform the aged care system.

The Senior discusses reverse mortgages as a future funding solution

04 June 2021

In The Senior’s latest article on reverse mortgages, they discuss the future of equity release and why the demand is on the rise, supported by international research and the government’s latest retirement income review.

[Video] Reverse Mortgage Uses

31 May 2021

Check out our new animation video that shows our top loan purposes, to find out how you could live a more comfortable retirement

Dementia Australia – Memory Walk & Jog Sponsorship 2021

14 May 2021

The Memory Walk & Jog is a chance to get active and raise funds to beat dementia. The funds provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Introducing Heartland’s Well-Life Loan

30 March 2021

Heartland Finance is pleased to launch an additional product to our current two offerings, our Heartland Reverse Mortgage and Open for Business (O4B) loans, the new Well-Life Loan product.

Heartland talks to MPA about finance solutions for retirement

26 March 2021

Heartland recently spoke to Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) Magazine about how reverse mortgages work, and how brokers can embrace them to service their clients at the retirement stage of their lives.

Heartland wins a 5-Star Lender Award from Your Mortgage

24 March 2021

Your Mortgage’s Mortgage of the Year Awards reviews thousands of home loan products across Australia to determine the top-ranking products in each category.

New Heartland Reverse Mortgage TV ad

17 March 2021

Heartland has created our new “Freedom” campaign, which focuses on the freedom a reverse mortgage can help provide people who are aged 60 and over.

How brokers can help bridge the retirement gap

16 March 2021

Heartland recently spoke to Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) Magazine about the common misconceptions around reverse mortgages and how brokers can help to bridge the retirement gap.

Introducing Heartland Finance

10 March 2021

Heartland Seniors Finance has officially rebranded to Heartland Reverse Mortgages! This will also now fall under our overarching brand, Heartland Finance.

Funding aged care without having to sell the family home

02 March 2021

You may think that selling the family home is the option to pay for these fees but there are alternatives such as a reverse mortgage.

Heartland speaks to Your Mortgage about financing for a secure retirement

02 March 2021

The article looks at why people are thinking more about how they’ll finance retirement, how a reverse mortgage works, some of the most common loan purposes, and the safeguards in place to protect borrowers.

[Video] What is a reverse mortgage?

01 March 2021

What is a reverse mortgage, how exactly do they work, and how could they help you live a more comfortable retirement? Heartland breaks it down in our new animation video.

Heartland speaks to MPA Magazine about the benefits of brokers diversifying their business

17 February 2021

MPA discusses why brokers should diversify, how to meet a client’s changing needs using specialised products like reverse mortgages.

Global equity release market set to triple by 2031

04 February 2021

International research published by EY predicts that the global equity release market could more than triple over the next decade.

Using a Reverse Mortgage for Home Care

02 February 2021

Heartland is pleased to announce our reverse mortgage can provide support for Home Care

January Advantage Newsletter

22 January 2021

Our January edition of Advantage Newsletter is now live!

Coming soon – Branding refresh

21 January 2021

Over the coming months, you may notice a new look and feel when you receive communication from Heartland or visit our website.

The Senior discusses how to use a reverse mortgage for everyday expenses

12 January 2021

In The Senior’s latest article on reverse mortgages, they discuss one of Heartland’s most popular loan purposes, everyday expenses.

Finder breaks down how much a reverse mortgage may cost you

12 January 2021

At Heartland, we like to ensure our customers are fully aware of the impact a reverse mortgage will have on their personal circumstances.

Finder identifies the top 4 things you need to know about reverse mortgages

12 January 2021

As one of the most heavily regulated consumer finance products on the market, reverse mortgages can sometimes be tricky to understand.

Retirement Income Review Supports Equity Release

14 December 2020

The report reviews the current retirement income system to both improve the understanding of, and identify areas to improve outcomes for, senior Australians in retirement.

Heartland Reverse Mortgage Interest Rate Decrease

26 November 2020

Our Standard Reverse Mortgage Variable Rate will decrease 20 basis points to 5.60% p.a. (comparison 5.62% p.a.*).

Reverse mortgages a solution to financing retirement

26 November 2020

Research by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) released on 20 November 2020 reports that most Australians want to remain in their home as long as possible, but don’t have the funds to do so.

Australian Budget 2020 – Granny Flats and Capital Gains Tax

18 November 2020

The Budget announcement last month revealed the Australian Government are preparing to pass a legislation, as early as 1 July 2021, to provide a targeted Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption for all formal granny flat arrangements where there is a formal written agreement between family members.

Planning for your future needs in retirement

12 November 2020

Through our application process, Heartland places huge importance on considering future needs. This includes not only aged care costs, but ongoing living expenses, medical expenses, and any plans to leave any of the estate to a beneficiary.

Enjoy increased flexibility with our reverse mortgage redraw

05 November 2020

Introduced from 1 April 2017, Heartland’s redraw allows customers to draw on the funds that they have already paid into their loan.

Australian Seniors News discusses funding a more comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage

19 October 2020

Australian Seniors News latest article on reverse mortgages discusses why some alternatives may not be suited for retirees, and how they can use a reverse mortgage to better suit their needs in retirement.

Are you 60 or over with a home loan deferral expiring? You could refinance your home loan with a Heartland Reverse Mortgage (plus Application Offer)

13 October 2020

Initially designed to assist customers during COVID-19, many of the arranged 6-month loan repayment deferral schemes are due to expire soon.

Heartland wins the InfoChoice Best Reverse Mortgage 2020 award!

06 October 2020

By putting our customers at the forefront of what we do, Heartland Seniors Finance has become the leading reverse mortgage provider in Australia.

Bringing awareness to elder abuse for the International Day of Older Persons

01 October 2020

In recognition of the International Day of Older Persons, Heartland would like to bring awareness to something that this demographic is especially vulnerable to, elder abuse.

The Senior discusses how you can use a reverse mortgage to consolidate debt in retirement

30 September 2020

The growing number of people carrying debt into retirement has led to an increased need for financial products that will suit retirees.

Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist 2020

08 September 2020

Heartland Seniors Finance is proud to have been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Mortgage Awards for 2020

Loan Document Return Details

28 August 2020

As part of Heartland’s COVID-19 initiatives, we have now updated how signed Loan Agreements, and legal documents, are processed.

Nicole’s Quick and Easy Cheese Pretzels

17 August 2020

Nicole, our Compliance and Reporting Team Leader, shares her cheese pretzel recipe. A quick, easy and delicious snack to have with the family!

COVID-19 Update #3

05 August 2020

We understand this is a very difficult time for all Victorians, and the rest of Australia, especially for our customers who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

Relief from Financial Stress

13 July 2020

Don and Shirley stumbled across Heartland after looking at many other ways to fund the retirement they desired.

Why do we require an Annual Questionnaire?

29 June 2020

Unlike some providers, who require regular, ongoing, valuations and charge these to the customer, Heartland takes a different approach.

The Senior discusses how you could spend extra funds in retirement

29 May 2020

At Heartland we don’t take a one-size-fits all approach. We know that each of our customers have different retirement needs and may require additional funds for a range of purposes.

The Senior discusses reverse mortgage protections

06 May 2020

The Senior discusses the considerable protections in place to safeguard reverse mortgage borrowers.

COVID-19 Update #2

23 April 2020

Heartland understands the current pressure on everyone due to the isolation requirements of COVID-19, and is here to support our customers during this time.

Dementia Australia – Memory Walk & Jog Sponsorship 2020

14 April 2020

Heartland Seniors Finance is proud to help seniors live a better retirement, with independence and dignity, through our reverse mortgage.

COVID-19 update

26 March 2020

As the impact of coronavirus is felt across Australia, you may have concerns about how it could affect you. If you are impacted by COVID-19, get in touch. We are committed to helping you through this period of uncertainty.

The Heartland Trust Supports the Australian Bushfires

11 March 2020

Heartland is deeply saddened by the effect of the Australian bushfires on our people and the environment. We extend our sympathy to all of those impacted, including the amazing volunteer firefighters.

How much do I need to retire comfortably in 2020?

26 February 2020

Heartland takes a look at the latest retirement living standards set by The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA).

The Senior breaks down reverse mortgages

17 February 2020

One of the latest articles on The Senior explains reverse mortgages as a retirement funding option and how it can help you live a fulfilling retirement with peace of mind from financial stress.

Sharon’s ‘Brownies in a Flash’

28 January 2020

Sharon, our Marketing Manager, shares her brownie recipe – a speedy twist on the classic brownie recipe that’s just too hard to resist!

Aging in place preferred option for retirees

21 January 2020

Nearly three quarters of Australians are staying in their homes up to the age of 79, according to recent research from the University of Sydney.

Heartland gives back for Christmas

12 December 2019

For many, Christmas is a joy-filled time of year for celebrating and giving back to family, friends and the community. To ensure as many as possible enjoyed Christmas this year, Heartland decided to get involved with Operation Christmas Child.

2019 Survey: Customers are extremely satisfied with their Heartland Reverse Mortgage

17 November 2019

A recent customer survey has shown that 96% of respondents agree that their Heartland Reverse Mortgage has made their retirement more comfortable.

Heartland talks to MPA Magazine about educating brokers on reverse mortgages

25 October 2019

In the latest edition of Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) Magazine, Heartland discusses how we can assist Australian seniors who are looking for alternative ways to fund retirement.

Margaret’s Reverse Mortgage Story

15 July 2019

Margaret* has always had a sensible attitude towards money. “Live within your means,” she would advise her friends and family.

15 Years of Helping Australians Live a Better Retirement

03 June 2019

Thank you to all of our customers – you are our purpose.

Walking and jogging for Dementia Australia

29 May 2019

We worked up a sweat to raise funds to support thousands of Australians living with Dementia.

Heartland talks to MPA about demystifying reverse mortgages

24 May 2019

Brokers play a vital role in educating Australians about their financial options in retirement.

Australian Lending Awards Finalist 2019

28 March 2019

Heartland was a finalist in the Best Specialist Lender category for the third consecutive year!

Brokers’ Questions Answered!

22 March 2019

Thank you to the 200+ brokers who attended and participated in our webinar with MPA.

[VIDEO] Reverse mortgages are more flexible than ever

14 March 2019

Providing access to the home equity you need, when you need it.

Elisse’s Apricot Slice

06 March 2019

A great slice which is perfect for summer or autumn fruits!

How does a Power of Attorney work?

23 February 2019

You have an emergency contact, but have you thought about a Power of Attorney?

[VIDEO] Busting myths: Reverse Mortgage Protections

22 February 2019

Our reverse mortgage has been developed with customer protection at its heart.

[VIDEO] The top 5 uses of our Reverse Mortgage

31 January 2019

Find out how other seniors are putting their home equity to work.

$12,000 Solar GIVEAWAY!

07 January 2019

Win 1 of 2 complete solar installations worth up to $6,000 each

[VIDEO] Reverse Mortgage Q&A

02 January 2019

Heartland Seniors Finance NZ, our sister company, asks the public what’s important to them in retirement, and how they plan to finance this lifestyle.

ABC Reverse Mortgage Report

06 December 2018

We clarify some of the concerns raised by a report on reverse mortgages.

Heartland Awarded Best Reverse Mortgage by Money Magazine

29 November 2018

We are pleased to announce the Heartland Reverse Mortgage has been recognised once again as the market leader.

On the road to a dream retirement

23 November 2018

John achieves his dream retirement lifestyle of Outback adventures.

Book that Holiday! Health Benefits of Travel for Seniors

14 November 2018

After years of working hard, for most seniors, taking a holiday around Australia or abroad is usually on top of the list.

Reverse mortgages offering value to consumers & brokers

07 November 2018

Heartland’s Andrew Ford speaks with Annie Kane from The Adviser.

Heartland commences trading on the ASX

01 November 2018

Heartland completes corporate structure and commences trading on the ASX today. At Heartland Seniors Finance, we are excited by the opportunities the restructure presents our business.

Australians are some of world’s most adventurous seniors

31 October 2018

The number of seniors travelling is continuing to grow!

Funds to make Mark’s home fit for fur family

26 October 2018

A Heartland Reverse Mortgage allowed Mark to continue living at home with his dogs.

Heartland in Mortgage Professional Australia

18 October 2018

Improving perceptions of reverse mortgages, combined with an aging population, is driving demand.

ASIC reports 10.8% of seniors have problem credit card debt

12 October 2018

ASIC review reveals that more than 1 in 6 consumers are struggling with credit cards

How much could you borrow?

05 October 2018

Our Reverse Mortgage Calculator is just one of the tools we use to help our customers make an informed decision.

Heartland Introduces a 30 Day Cooling Off Period

01 October 2018

Heartland is pleased to announce the introduction of a 30 day cooling off period.

Hayden’s Nan’s Bacon, Cheese and Onion Biscuits

21 September 2018

Hayden from our Marketing team has shared one of his Nan’s recipes – which make for a great savoury treat in the cold winter months. Stored in an airtight container, they should last for several days.

Pension Age Increase Halted

10 September 2018

Scott Morrison announces that the pension age will not rise to 70, as previously planned.

Heartland Seniors Finance – Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist

10 September 2018

Heartland a finalist in two categories: Non-Bank of the Year & Most Effective Online Presence – Lender.

Refer a friend and be rewarded!

31 August 2018

We were so thrilled to hear that 96% of those who completed our latest survey would recommend Heartland to friends and family that we’ve decided to run a special promotion to reward you, our valuable customers!

ASIC review of reverse mortgage lending

28 August 2018

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) have today released a review of reverse mortgage lending in Australia.

Power play: how to cut your electricity bill

24 August 2018

With the cost of energy continuing to increase, it literally pays to be energy efficient.

A clearer view on retirement

17 August 2018

She wasn’t after a huge amount of money, rather a small amount to make some of those much needed improvements around her home.

Property market moderates

03 August 2018

Where prices have cooled, perspective is needed

Brokers add value to customers and lenders

31 July 2018

Brokers provide consumers with choice and challenger providers with distribution.

5 things you may not know about reverse mortgages

27 July 2018

Some of the things we find potential customers are pleasantly surprised to learn when they are taking out a loan

Broker Roadshow 2018 Recap

20 July 2018

Heartland Seniors Finance Broker Roadshow – That’s a Wrap!

Above and Beyond

06 July 2018

There has been considerable coverage recently on the conduct of banks and financial services providers, or more accurately – their misconduct.

The Cost of Living in Retirement

29 June 2018

Heartland takes a deeper look at income and debt in retirement.

Putting an end to financial abuse

19 June 2018

Heartland offers first hand experience of red flags to look out for

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15

15 June 2018

Heartland supports bringing further awareness and education to the detection and prevention of elder abuse.

The times, they are a-changin’

08 June 2018

Debt shouldn’t control your retirement!

Broker Roadshow 2018

07 June 2018

Heartland hits the road for the Broker Roadshow 2018

Future Planning with your Reverse Mortgage

31 May 2018

An important aspect when deciding to take out a reverse mortgage is thinking about future needs.

Heartland Supports Government Recognition of Reverse Mortgage Benefits

09 May 2018

2018 budget delivers great news for senior Australians

Walking in the footsteps of Greats

08 May 2018

How Heartland was able to help Joyce live out her dream trip

Your security online

20 April 2018

Protect yourself and your assets by assessing requests for personal information

MPA Webinar 2018: Your Questions Answered

13 April 2018

Answers to key questions from our 2018 MPA Webinar

Protection Provides Peace of Mind

05 April 2018

Not a lot of people are aware that reverse mortgages are arguably one of the most heavily regulated consumer finance product in Australia. Heartland’s protections go beyond the regulation.

Webinar Wrap Up 2018

21 March 2018

Heartland features in MPA Webinar Series for 2018

Flexible features

14 March 2018

Heartland’s reverse mortgage is flexible enough to suit your needs – today and tomorrow

Customers Overwhelmingly Recommend Heartland

07 March 2018

Recent survey we completed of customers showed a resounding 96% of customers would recommend Heartland

Heartland Seniors Finance growth contributes to strong Heartland Bank Result

02 March 2018

Increase in seniors we are helping to live a better retirement

The Sandwich Generation “Financial Squeeze”

26 February 2018

Recent research has revealed 46% of older working Australians expected to retire with debt.

Finalist: Best Specialist Lender – Australian Lending Awards

22 February 2018

Heartland was the only reverse mortgage provider nominated, again demonstrating our market leadership.

15,000 Seniors Can’t Be Wrong

09 February 2018

In January Heartland Seniors Finance achieved a major milestone – helping our 15,000th customer.

Heartland Supports Dementia Australia

09 February 2018

Australia is home to plenty of deadly things that we can see around us – sharks, snakes and spiders to name a few – but many people are unaware of one of the country’s fastest-growing killers – dementia.

Wondrous Words

02 February 2018

The transformative power of literature – its ability to educate, enlighten and spark the imagination – is a concept familiar to many, but the transformative power of the act of writing itself is nothing short of a miracle

Could you “give the kids some of their inheritance now” with a reverse mortgage?

19 January 2018

Discover the options available now to help your family tomorrow

Canstar 2018 – Provider of the Year – Reverse Mortgages

16 January 2018

Heartland Wins Canstar’s 2018 Reverse Mortgage Award

Heartland Joins the Banking and Finance Oath

10 January 2018

Responsible Banking Done Right

[VIDEO] How Heartland Helps Clients Stay In Their Own Home

13 December 2017

Customers are able to stay in their own home for as long as they choose.

Looking Abroad to Improve Locally

06 December 2017

Heartland recently attended the US National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association Annual Meeting to consider how we can enhance our products and service.

Heartland Wins Money Magazine’s Best Reverse Mortgage 2018

30 November 2017

We are thrilled to once again announce that the Heartland Seniors Finance reverse mortgage has been judged the Best Reverse Mortgage at Money magazine’s Best of the Best awards.

Should you sell your home to fund retirement?

24 November 2017

The pros and cons of selling the family home to fund your retirement.

Equity Release – An Untapped Retirement Solution

20 November 2017

Australian retirees face an unusually high exposure to longevity risk – the risk of outliving their financial resources. In this article we’ll consider how much wealth retirees are holding in their homes and how many are aware of ways to access it.

Janette’s No-Fail Pavlova

14 November 2017

Janette from our Loan Administration team has an amazing Pavlova recipe from her mother that has never failed. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Retiring with a mortgage?

27 October 2017

Residential property is the major component of wealth for many older Australians who are close to retiring, but the boom in house prices has also led to an increase in debt and an increasing number of baby boomers are carrying mortgages into their retirement.

[VIDEO] How We Help Seniors’ Families Find The Right Equity Release Solution

20 October 2017

A short video on how we help families find the right solution

[VIDEO] Reverse Mortgage FAQs

06 October 2017

What are the most ‘Frequently asked questions’ about Reverse Mortgages? Watch the Heartland Reverse Mortgage FAQs Video to find out – and get the answers.

Planning for Decumulation

21 September 2017

When thinking about retirement, most of our attention is concentrated on the accumulation phase – saving for retirement. But what happens next, when we actually decide to retire from the work force?

Reverse Mortgage versus Home Reversion Scheme: what is the difference?

19 September 2017

Home Reversion vs Reverse Mortgage?

Heartland Seniors Finance Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist

15 September 2017

We are proud to announce that Heartland has been shortlisted for two Australian Mortgage Awards: Non-Bank of the Year, and Most Effective Online Presence – Lender.

Facilitators of Aging in Place

12 September 2017

Three quarters of Australian retirees want to see out their retirement in their current residence.

Heartland’s loan book hits half a billion dollars!

07 September 2017

In August Heartland Seniors Finance passed an important milestone – $500m of finance receivables.

Heartland on The Daily Drive

31 August 2017

We joined Sam and Kayley from The Daily Drive radio station last night to share some insights on reverse mortgages.

Broker Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered – Part 2

17 August 2017

We recently held a Reverse Mortgage diversification webinar with Mortgage Professional Australia. Part 2 of the common questions from this are answered here.

Grey Matters

10 August 2017

Follow these five simple steps to keep your brain as healthy as your body.

Refinance A Reverse Mortgage: Good or Bad?

01 August 2017

Just like a conventional (forward) mortgage, it is possible to refinance a reverse mortgage. But because of its unique structure, the computation and considerations involved are different.

Heartland Increases Loan to Value Limits for Aged Care Loans

31 July 2017

Heartland Seniors Finance is pleased to announce that it has increased the loan to value limits (LVR) for its Aged Care Loan by 5%, effective immediately.

Heartland in Mortgage Professional Australia

14 July 2017

A combination of Australia’s ageing population and high property prices is driving up demand for reverse mortgages. MPA and Heartland Seniors Finance explain how brokers can get started.

Unlock your wealth

13 July 2017

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can be harvested from your own home.

Power and Gas Price Increases Placing a Strain on Pensioners

11 July 2017

The Finkel Report has again thrown the energy sector into the news spotlight, including the affordability of gas and electricity.

[VIDEO] Reverse Mortgage Benefits

07 July 2017

Watch to learn the common benefits of Reverse Mortgages.

Broker Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered – Part 1

04 July 2017

We recently held a Reverse Mortgage diversification webinar with Mortgage Professional Australia. Some of the common questions from this are answered here.

Like us on Facebook to win!

03 July 2017

If you like our Facebook page during July and August you will go in the draw to win one of three $200 Coles Myer cards!^

Rise in Children seeking reverse mortgage information for their parents

30 June 2017

We have noticed here at Heartland an increase in children (or even grandchildren) enquiring about reverse mortgages for their parents.

Money for Retirement: Four Things Seniors Can Do

27 June 2017

REPORT: 71% of Australians who are wishing to retire in the next five years may not able to do so because of insufficient savings.

The Growing Reverse Mortgage Market

19 June 2017

The results of a poll of over 100 brokers we conducted during a recent webinar we held with Mortgage Professional Australia found that 99% of brokers believe the Reverse Mortgage market will grow in the next 5 years.

Federal Budget Incentive to Downsizing?

31 May 2017

Earlier this month, the Federal Budget included a number of measures in an effort to address housing affordability. One of these measures effectively provides retirees with an incentive to downsize.

Aged Care Reverse Mortgage Option [VIDEO]

09 May 2017

Watch to learn about Heartland’s Aged Care Reverse Mortgage Option

Seven Ways to Help Your Parents Prepare for Retirement

04 May 2017

Experts estimate that there are approximately 1.5 million Australians who belong to the ‘sandwich generation’ or those who have to support their ageing parents and their growing children.

New Report shows increasing mortgage debt in retirement.

24 April 2017

A recent report tells the story of the changing home ownership rates in Australia, and how it is influencing our current and future retirement quality.

How to use a Reverse Mortgage to pay off debt

14 April 2017

Reverse Mortgages have lately become much more popular as a way to pay off debt.

Reverse Mortgage To Fund More Aged Care?

22 March 2017

Recent changes in aged care rules provide senior Australians better flexibility on the type of help they can receive.

Heartland Seniors Finance Congratulates Greater Bank on being named Bank of the Year

21 March 2017

Greater Bank took out the national Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award – Bank of the Year.

SEQUAL Discontinuing Operations

16 March 2017

SEQUAL has discontinued its operations as at 31st January 2017.

[VIDEO] Reverse Mortgage Protection: Our Three Promises

10 March 2017

Discover Heartland’s three core promises to our Reverse Mortgage customers.

Family home in the aged pension asset test?

01 March 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) made a statement recently that the family home or the principal place of residence should be included in the aged pension’s asset test.

Heartland – Finalist at the 2017 Australian Lending Awards.

24 February 2017

We are proud that Heartland Seniors Finance was a Finalist in the 2017 Australian Lending Awards – Best Specialist Lender.

[VIDEO] Reverse Mortgage for Debt Consolidation

17 February 2017

How to use a Reverse Mortgage to pay off debts

The Reverse Mortgage Provider of the Year is… Heartland Seniors Finance.

07 February 2017

Heartland Seniors Finance is very pleased to be the winner of the Canstar 2017 Provider of the Year for Reverse Mortgages.

Pension Loans Scheme: Commendable But Confusing?

06 February 2017

Pension Loans Scheme vs Reverse Mortgage

Heartland wins Best Reverse Mortgage award

22 December 2016

Heartland awarded Money Magazine’s Best Reverse Mortgage Product

End to ‘age of entitlement’ for seniors’ finances?

14 December 2016

Grattan Institute calls for end to ‘age of entitlement’ for seniors.

[Video] Why choose Heartland for your clients?

24 November 2016

Video – Why Heartland Seniors Finance is ideal for brokers to offer as a Reverse Mortgage.

[Video] An Introduction to Heartland Seniors Finance

11 November 2016

An Introduction to Heartland Seniors Finance

Using the family home for sustainable retirement income

03 November 2016

As discussed in a recent article in the Financial Review, it is increasingly clear that superannuation alone cannot support one’s retirement needs, especially aged care funding.

What will the flow on affects be for seniors entitlement changes?

28 October 2016

Seemingly simple retirement objectives are set to become that much harder with changes to the asset test for the age pension due on 1 January 2017.

Heartland Seniors Finance in Mortgage Professional Australia

20 October 2016

Heartland is in MPA’s ‘simply irreversible’ feature on reverse mortgages

Reverse mortgage vs downsizing – which is best?

11 October 2016

An overview of issues around reverse mortgages versus downsizing.

Seniors’ Home Ownership is Down: What it Means for Retirement

27 September 2016

What does falling rates of home ownership among seniors mean for Australia?

[VIDEO] What is a Reverse Mortgage? Australian Reverse Mortgages Explained

13 September 2016

What is a Reverse Mortgage and how do they work? Watch this short video to learn more.

Increasing Demand for Reverse Mortgages

12 September 2016

At Heartland Seniors Finance, Australia’s largest specialist reverse mortgage provider, we have seen a considerable increase in demand, with record volumes in July and August.

HILDA Survey 2016: Senior’s Superannuation Shortfall?

08 September 2016

The HILDA Report confirms again what we already know to be true: a large cohort of retired seniors and those approaching retirement will experience a retirement savings shortfall.

Reverse Mortgages for seniors – why am I so passionate?

26 August 2016

I’m a ‘true believer’ in Reverse Mortgages, here’s why.

Change to the Age Pension rules – how could you be affected?

05 August 2016

On 1 January 2017, there will be changes to the Age Pension asset test.

Why are more seniors retiring with mortgage debt?

22 July 2016

More older Australians now retire without paying off their home loan. Why?

Why Choice is wrong on Reverse Mortgage

01 July 2016

In February this year the consumer group Choice published an article on home equity release finance options for seniors. Although generally I’m a fan of their work, on this occasion the article was regrettably full of factual errors and hyperbole.

Inheritance, estate planning & how Reverse Mortgage can help

10 June 2016

According to international research 86.2 per cent of parents aged 59 to 96 expect to leave something for their children, while only 44.6 per cent of the children aged 40 to 60 thought that they would receive an inheritance.

2016 Budget Aged Care Update: Equity Release ‘In the Mix’

16 May 2016

Recently the government announced a budget cut of $1.2 billion for aged care funding over four years, as a response to high growth in expenses. Medicare benefits will also remain frozen for a further two years.

Reverse Mortgage to Solve Superannuation Woes?

09 May 2016

How Reverse Mortgage funds can supplement super

New Reverse Mortgage feature: ‘Monthly Regular Advance’

15 April 2016

Heartland launches new monthly drawdown option

Actuaries Institute Urges Better Equity Release

22 March 2016

Actuaries Urge Government Support of Equity Release

Baby boomers embrace Reverse Mortgage for retirement funding

08 March 2016

Baby boomers embrace Reverse Mortgage for retirement funding

Heartland Seniors Finance Launches New Reverse Mortgage Website

22 February 2016

New Website for Heartland Seniors Finance

Managing Difficult Financial Times.

08 September 2015

There is increasing pressure to manage the costs of day to day living expenses, particularly for those on a fixed income. If you are experiencing financial difficulties during these troubled times there are options available to assist you.

Aged Care made Easy

10 July 2015

Many of us consider budgeting as simply a matter of cutting expenses. There is also help available to assist you in setting clear goals to ensure you make the most of your available income.

Butternut Pumpkin Soup with Cheesy Croutons

08 July 2015

This warm and comforting soup will be perfect this winter!

Making a difference for both parties

01 July 2015

Why volunteering is a two-way street.

Australian Seniors Finance is now Heartland Seniors Finance

26 June 2015

I am very pleased to advise that Australian Seniors Finance has a new name – Heartland Seniors Finance.

Cheesy caramelised red onion scrolls

15 December 2014

These scrolls are made with a nice, simple dough that doesn’t need yeast, so they can be whipped up quickly when you need a tasty snack to feed the troops.

Driving questions

15 December 2014

It’s common practice to associate a certain type of car with a certain type of person, but what really drives people to choose one vehicle over another?

The Grandparent Connection

15 December 2014

It’s no secret that grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren’s lives.
Highly regarded anthropologist Margaret Mead proposed that connections between
the generations are “essential for the mental health and stability of a nation”

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