5 things you may not know about reverse mortgages

27 July 2018

Since 2004, Heartland has helped over 15,000 senior Australians release the equity in their home to live a better retirement. Our customers have used the funds to take the stress out of everyday bills, clear an existing mortgage or other debts, pay for medical expenses, or even provide for a trip to visit the grandkids.

We were also very proud that, in a recent survey, respondents saw Heartland as a source of information and advice when considering a reverse mortgage. Some of the things we find potential customers are pleasantly surprised to learn when they are taking out a loan include the following:

  • Flexibility: Take your loan as a lump sum, cash reserve facility, regular advance, or a combination. Regular repayments are not required, but are able to be made partially, or in full, at any time without paying penalty charges.
  • Home Improvements: You can use your money for any worthwhile purpose, including needed repairs, home improvements, and upgrades – which can add value to your home!
  • Peace of mind: Have peace of mind knowing you have access to the equity in your home without having to move.
  • 100% ownership: Remain the owner of your home, benefiting from any increases in property price.
  • Lifetime occupancy: Live in your home as long as you choose – enjoying connection to community and family, with independence and dignity.


Heartland has a dedicated team of reverse mortgage specialists who deliver a personalised service, and see customers as not just a number, but individuals who we can help make an informed decision. This service, combined with an award winning product means that Heartland is a reverse mortgage lender of choice for many Australian seniors.

Please feel free to contact our friendly team today on [email protected] or 1300 889 338 if you would like further information, or to see if we could help you.




Information provided is accurate as at 27 July 2018 and may change from time to time.