Aged Care Reverse Mortgage Option [VIDEO]

09 May 2017


Hi, I’m Sharon Yardley and I’m Operations and Compliance Manager at Heartland Seniors Finance.

Aged Care in Australia is moving to user-pays system. More and more, aged care cost a lot of money and it can get expensive. It’s hard for people to find the funds they need to move to aged care. It’s hard for families to find the funds they need to move their parents, to move their grandparents, into the aged care that they need.

This is where Heartland Seniors Finance can help. We offer an Aged Care Loan – a Reverse Mortgage just for moving into aged care that can fill that need.

Control funds as a lump sum. You can draw it monthly, quarterly, or annually over five years, so that you can draw it as you need it to fund aged care.

Information provided is accurate as at 09 May 2017 and may change from time to time