Australian Seniors Finance is now Heartland Seniors Finance

26 June 2015

I am very pleased to advise that Australian Seniors Finance is now Heartland Seniors Finance. As Heartland Seniors Finance, we will continue to be a specialist provider of Reverse Mortgages in Australia, offering the same exceptional service to our customers.

In April 2014 Heartland New Zealand Limited purchased Australian Seniors Finance, bringing us into the Heartland group. Heartland is a New Zealand based company that is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange (the NZX) and has over 9,000 shareholders. The move to Heartland Seniors Finance is simply the final step in becoming part of the Heartland group.

I will continue to lead the team and there will be no changes to personnel as part of our transition to Heartland Seniors Finance. Our team is extremely passionate about Reverse Mortgages as they can provide financial freedom and independence and change to our customers’ lives in retirement.

You will notice some differences to reflect our change to Heartland Seniors Finance in the new look of our brochures and website. However, our contact information will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 889 338 who are always on hand to assist.

Julie Campbell

Chief Executive Officer