Book that Holiday! Health Benefits of Travel for Seniors

14 November 2018

After years of working hard you now have the time to do what you want and, for most seniors, taking a holiday around Australia or abroad is usually on top of the list. Whether you dream of a cruise, visiting your family interstate or overseas, or finally taking that tour through Europe with friends there is now nothing to hold you back.

Travelling Is Great for the Mind

research paper from the Global Coalition on Aging reveals that travel has amazing mental benefits, especially to seniors.

Taking a holiday can also provide better relaxation for retirees. Even after leaving the workforce, seniors are usually busy with professional, social, and family events. Going on a vacation can provide seniors a way to spend time alone or with their loved ones to get a chance for a reboot and refresh their perspectives in life.

Travel can also lower stress levels and improve your mental health. Travellers can be in a better mood, less anxious, and well-rested after vacation. And these positive effects could last for weeks even when travellers returned home.

Travelling is Great for the Body

Australian seniors can also take advantage of the benefits of physical activities that are usually needed for travel. Whether it’s taking public transport, walking around cities, roaming around cultural sights and museums, there are lots of physical challenges that can benefit the body. Travelling can help keep you stay in shape, at any age.

Because travel can take a lot of stress off from our minds, it is also beneficial for our heart health. A long-running study conducted by Framingham Heart discovered that men and women who travelled at least once a year are less likely to develop heart disease and have a lower chance to suffer from heart attack.

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Can Take Their Dream Holiday

Whether you are living on a government pension, or are a self-funded retiree, finding the spare cash for holidays can be difficult. Many seniors miss out on the travel they deserve, while those who do manage to get away may finance trips through their savings, or with personal loans and credit cards.

Over a quarter of Heartland customers are using a reverse mortgage for holidays and travel. Many Australians aged 60 and over have substantial home equity. By accessing a portion of this wealth, you could go for a trip with the grandchildren, or even a bucket list “around the world” dream holiday.

Heartland Seniors Finance offers a reverse mortgage loan that you could use to fund your next holiday. With an interest rate that can be lower than credit cards or personal loans, and the flexibility to make repayments if and when you choose until the end of the loan (when the interest and loan is payable), a Heartland Reverse Mortgage could provide you with the holiday finance solution you are looking for. So start packing your bags today!

If you would like to discuss how a reverse mortgage could be used to help fund your holiday plans, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 889 338 or [email protected], or request an information pack. We are here to help you.


Information provided is accurate as at 14 November 2018 and may change from time to time.