Driving questions

15 December 2014

According to a study from the University of California, attitude, lifestyle and values largely determine vehicle purchasing decisions.

So what does this mean for seniors? Holden has found its older customers prioritise safety over style, reflecting a widely held perception.

This does not mean they do not want a nicelooking car, it’s just that certain features hold more importance than colour and shape.

According to the Australian Office of Road Safety, senior drivers have fewer collisions than most other age groups; however, when they are involved in accidents they may experience more serious injuries and take longer to recover. To avoid this happening, Holden says there are a number of features that make older drivers feel safer.

Many vehicles now offer higher seat positions allowing for better road visibility; larger dials and a well-illuminated instrument panel for ease of operation; a rear-view camera that ensures drivers can see what’s behind them when reversing; and ‘follow me home’ headlights, which stay on for a set time once the car is locked, to help drivers get to the front door in the dark.

Some vehicles go a step further, offering automatic park assist, blind spot alert, forward collision alert and lane departure warning. These features are very popular across all age groups, and Holden has found them to be especially so among older drivers, as they give that extra confidence boost out on the open road.

So why not take advantage of this clever technology? The average age of a car on Australian roads is around ten years and, given the significant safety advancements since then, your old vehicle might not be doing the best job of protecting you. Perhaps now is the time to purchase a newer model that offers that extra peace of mind.


Thanks to Holden for their contributions to this article.