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Expanding our age requirements for reverse mortgages

30 June 2021

Heartland is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of senior Australians, and we recognise that product and service development is an important part of this.

With our ageing population increasing and living costs continuing to rise, equity release is becoming a more popular funding option for retirees. This not only means that retirement income and savings need to stretch for longer, but some people may require funds sooner as they transition into retirement.

Therefore, Heartland is pleased to announce that, when someone aged 60 or over has a partner aged 55-59, we will now also be able to accept their application, further improving our market leading, award winning product.

The amount you can borrow will still be calculated on the age of the youngest borrower, with our standard terms, conditions, and fees still to apply.

The funds can be used for a range of purposes to help you live a more comfortable retirement in your own home with independence and dignity, including debt consolidation, home improvements, ongoing income for bills and expenses, a trip to see the grandkids, or to upgrade a car.

Use our online reverse mortgage calculator to find out how much you could borrow, or request your free application pack for more information.

Information provided is accurate as of 30 June 2021 and may change from time to time.