Heartland Supports Dementia Australia

09 February 2018

Australia is home to plenty of deadly things that we can see around us – sharks, snakes and spiders to name a few – but many people are unaware of one of the country’s fastest-growing killers – dementia.

Ispos conducted a survey earlier this year which found that more than eight out of ten people were unaware of dementia’s deadly status and almost 40% said they didn’t know it could be actively managed.

Dementia is Australia’s second-leading cause of death; claiming more than 13,000 Australian lives in 2016, 64.4% being female (make it the leading cause of death among women). Within five years, without a cure, Dementia will be the leading cause of death in Australia.

Growing Problem

It’s currently estimated that more than 413,000 are living with dementia and, without significant medical breakthrough, that number is expected to rise to 1.1 million by 2056 on the back of an ageing population.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics also show the mortality rate for dementia is increasing at a faster rate than any of the other leading causes of death.

In light of these statistics, Heartland wanted to help Dementia Australia in its fight, particularly because of the work they do in raising Dementia awareness and promoting healthy ageing, and we are excited to be partnering with them for 2018.

Dementia can be a bit of an unknown in terms of understanding what it’s like for someone living with it, so it’s really important that as people live longer, they understand what the impacts could be – Dementia Australia does a great job in doing this. As part of our application process, we also ask customers to consider their future needs and requirements and objectives for the loan. Heartland takes the duty of care we have for our customer seriously and we ensure that customers are making informed decision, are encouraged to speak to family and advisers about finances, and is one of the reasons why independent legal advice is required.

How to reduce your risk

Research suggests that living a brain-healthy life, particularly during mid-life, may reduce your chances of developing dementia. Your Brain Matters is an evidence-based programme run by Dementia Australia that guides people on how to look after their brain health. They outline 5 simple steps in the programme:

  •          Look after your heart.
  •          Be physically active.
  •          Mentally challenge your brain.
  •          Follow a healthy diet.
  •          Enjoy social activity.


For more information about dementia visit www.dementia.org.au or call the national dementia hotline on 1800 100 500.



Sharon Yardley

Manager – Marketing & Compliance



 Information provided is accurate as at 09 February 2018 and may change from time to time