On the road to a dream retirement

23 November 2018

The itch to hit the road was hard for John* to scratch. Being in retirement, living solely off the Aged Pension, with the added stress of rates and an outstanding personal loan made his ‘dream retirement’ truly seem like a fantasy.

One of John’s mates mentioned that Heartland Seniors Finance might be able to help him achieve his ‘Grey Nomad’ dream, by helping him access some of the equity in his home without having to sell. So John reached out to the team here at Heartland for further information about how our reverse mortgage could help.

Upon analysis of John’s situation, the team tailored a loan that perfectly fit John’s requirements – a modest amount of $35k – which cleared his debts and provided funds to modify his van to handle the Outback. The loan application process was straight forward, and John was able to get to work on his vehicle after a mere 4 weeks.

“I can now go on my cross country tour!“

For John, a reverse mortgage provided peace of mind and flexibility. Having freed up a small amount of equity from his home, John was able to pursue his passion while maintaining his home in Moe as a ‘base’ that he could retreat back to between adventures. John knew he would continue to own his home until he moved out permanently and, in the meantime, he had no personal loan repayments – as repayments are optional with a reverse mortgage until the end of the loan.

John is one of over 15,000 Australians seniors who are living a more comfortable retirement with the help of a Heartland Reverse Mortgage. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to help Australian seniors live the retirement they have always dreamed of.


*Real customer, but name changed for privacy.