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Relief from Financial Stress

13 July 2020

Tired of going to work every day, Don and Shirley* were looking forward to a fulfilling and stress-free retirement. However, they quickly realised that their savings were inefficient, and would not allow them to be as comfortable as they hoped in their retirement years.

Don and Shirley stumbled across Heartland after looking at many other ways to fund the retirement they desired. The idea of a reverse mortgage appealed to them because they were able to remain in their own home, where they felt comfortable and much happier, something that not many other options allowed them to do, such as downsizing, or moving into a retirement home.

Initially meeting with a broker face to face, they were very pleased with the process and how knowledgeable and informative Heartland’s staff were. They took their time to decide whether this was the right option, but when they did decide to go ahead, just the decision itself lifted their cash flow concerns immensely.

Don and Shirley took out their loan with Heartland in September 2019 and worked with both their broker and our Customer Care Consultant, Glenda, who were able to tailor their loan to meet their own unique requirements and objectives. Initially, they decided on a lump sum payment to cover home improvements that would make their home fit for retirement. They also set aside some funds in a cash reserve facility (like a line of credit) to ensure they had further access to the funds in the future for any unexpected bills or emergencies.

The cash reserve came in handy recently where the couple needed some funds for medical expenses. To access their cash reserve, the process was even easier, and they were very grateful to have a facility like this available to seniors like themselves. Especially, during the current trying times we find ourselves all in at the moment.

They have been so pleased with the customer service they have received on each interaction with Heartland, the ease of the process, and the suitability of the product to their needs.

So, what do Don and Shirley think of their Heartland Reverse Mortgage?

“Our Heartland Reverse Mortgage has enabled us to remain in our home by making improvements ensuring our home ‘works for us’ as we get older and as our needs change.”

“During these difficult and concerning times for all … (we) wish to convey to you all at Heartland just how much it means for senior citizens like ourselves to have this facility available to us.”

If you would like more information on how a reverse mortgage could help you, please give our friendly team a call on 1300 889 338 or send us an email at [email protected]

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.