[Video] An Introduction to Heartland Seniors Finance

11 November 2016


Hi. I’m Andrew Ford, the Chief Executive of Heartland Seniors Finance. Heartland Seniors Finance is Australia’s largest specialist provider of reverse mortgages.

We’ve got a long history, which stretches back to 2004 of helping Australians live a better retirement. A reverse mortgage is actually really simple. It’s just like a regular mortgage, but it’s been designed specifically for seniors with no regular repayments. The interest is compounded to the loan every month. The loan is repaid when customers leave their property whether for downsizing, or moving to into age care or if they pass away.

A reverse mortgage enables our customers to release some of the equity from their home to do some things that they really want in their retirement whether it’s renovate their home, do some travel, or just take away the stress from everyday bills.

Heartland Seniors Finance is committed to offering a market-leading product with exceptional service. We are a specialist provider so all of our team deal solely in reverse mortgages so they can really help our customers make the most out of it. Heartland Seniors Finance also got a network of accredited brokers who are specialist in this place that can really help our customers.

We’ve got a very far and robust process that we take our customers through. It includes independent legal advice, which is mandatory. We also really encourage our customers to talk the decision through with their families and we get them to attest to that.

We also highlight other alternatives that may be available to them so they make really informed decision and they know what they’re doing. Heartland Seniors Finance has set up a really socially responsible product that protects our customers so we developed a product that guarantee lifetime occupancy so our customers can stay in their home for as long as they choose and it remains as is.

We also guarantee that they’ll never owe us more than their home is worth and that they do not have to make a repayment while they live in their home. We aim to provide customers with peace of mind and remove worry, take away stress from everyday bills such as insurance and rents.

So that product is designed to give them comfort and that’s why we built protection into it. If you are 60 or over and on your own home and want to see if Heartland Senior Finance can help you live a better retirement, then give us a call.

Information provided is accurate as at 11 November 2016 and may change from time to time