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Why brokers should be getting into reverse mortgages

29 October 2021

In a recent article, Heartland spoke to The Australian Broker about the benefit of brokers offering reverse mortgages – helping to diversify their portfolios and meet the growing needs of the senior demographic.

We have an aging population in Australia, and more and more people are retiring with debt. The age pension alone cannot provide people with what is considered a comfortable retirement, so many retirees require financial assistance to reduce financial stress.

Mortgage brokers are ideally placed to help these customers and provide a full service offering by being able to support their client base as they get older, or who have parents who need to access money to help them in retirement.

On 6 July 2021, Heartland Reverse Mortgages’ loan book officially passed $1 billion (AUD), and around 53% of this is from our intermediaries, highlighting just how valuable brokers are in helping Australian seniors to live a more comfortable retirement in their own homes and free from financial stress.

You can read the full article here.

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