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The Senior discusses how you could spend extra funds in retirement

29 May 2020

At Heartland we don’t take a one-size-fits all approach. We know that each of our customers have different retirement needs and may require additional funds for a range of purposes. The Senior discusses these purposes in one of their latest online articles about reverse mortgage uses.

Although each retiree has their own unique situation, Heartland has found over the years that they do have one thing in common, that they seek peace of mind and freedom from financial stress in retirement. This has been a common trend in past Heartland customer surveys, and was the most important thing in retirement to 80% of respondents in our most recent survey.

Having peace of mind and being financially stress-free looks different for everyone. Some retirees may like to supplement their income each month to help pay everyday bills, others may utilise our no regular payments promise and use their reverse mortgage to pay off outstanding debt, waiting to repay their Heartland loan until they sell their home. Some would love the opportunity to make their family home more retirement friendly so they can age in place, and others may need to upgrade their car to ensure they are staying safe on the road. Whatever the reason is, Heartland is here to help you and your unique situation.

To find out more about what you could use your reverse mortgage for, click here to read the full article on The Senior.

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