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The Senior discusses reverse mortgage protections

06 May 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has and continues to be both an emotionally and financially tough time for everyone. With the uncertainty that lies ahead, Heartland has worked with The Senior to spread the awareness of reverse mortgages as an option for retirees that would like a little more financial security without feeling the need to sell or downsize their home, which in the current environment, could be costly and stressful.

The Senior discusses the considerable protections in place to safeguard reverse mortgage borrowers, one being that no repayments are required until the end of the loan. (However, you are free to repay at any time without penalty.) In the current economic environment, it is flexibility and features like this that could really help ease financial stress and cash flow. To read more about the other ways Heartland protects our customers, click here to read the full article on The Senior.

Heartland are committed to supporting our customers through this difficult time in our society. If you have any questions, would like to start your application, or arrange a meeting (via video conference) with one of our team or with a specialist accredited broker, please contact us on 1300 889 338 or [email protected] We are here to help you.

This information is accurate as at 6 May 2020 and may change from time to time.