The times, they are a-changin’

08 June 2018

Our aim at Heartland Seniors Finance is to help Australian retirees live a more comfortable retirement, with independence and dignity. As such, we are privileged to regularly see first-hand what a difference we make to the lives of our customers.

James was stuck in a vicious cycle with credit, where he would use his credit card here and there for modest, one-off purchases and plan to pay it off with the pension. But when his quarterly electricity bill was a bit higher than expected, he was stuck deciding whether to have electricity and hot water that month, or deal with an accumulating debt. What’s worse is when Christmas or birthdays came around, James was strapped trying to find the money to buy a simple toy for his grandson, and the credit card came out again.

It was difficult living with this level of stress, just trying to make ends meet especially in a period of life when you’re supposed to be enjoying it. James did his research and then decided to go to Heartland Seniors Finance for a reverse mortgage.

James borrowed a modest sum upfront to pay off the growing credit card debt, as well as set up a regular advance option where he receives a small amount of money each month in addition to his Aged Pension. This allowed James to live a proper retirement, where he can socialise, not have to worry about creditors constantly calling, and even spoil his beloved grandson on the odd occasion.

“It was my grandson’s birthday last week, and this money has allowed me to buy him Buzz Lightyear – his favourite!”

Like James, many Australian seniors are feeling the squeeze as the cost of living in Australia increases, and many are relying on credit cards in an effort to simply get through each week. Using a Heartland Seniors Finance Reverse Mortgage to release equity in your home is a popular and viable solution which could help you get back in control of your retirement.

*Real customer, real story, name changed for privacy.