[Video] Why choose Heartland for your clients?

24 November 2016


I think Heartland Seniors Finance is ideal for brokers and that we have an award-winning market-leading product. We have dedicated service for our brokers to help them as much or as little as they need. And we have very competitive pricing. – Andrew Ford

Being accredited advisers, we are accredited with numerous banks. However, we’re very aware of what products are out there, what offerings are available, and what will best suit the client. And what I really like about Heartland’s products is they really understand their market, about the senior retirement market, and also the aged care space. – Marguerite Taylor, Owner, Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions

Brokers are the middle part of our business. We came to do business with brokers because they are the ones that are talking to our clients. – Craig Mcinnes, Head of Distribution, Heartland Seniors Finance

There’s a misinformation out there amongst brokers out there that reverse mortgages are of low value. Though the average loan size is smaller, the loans do grow over time and can have real value to your business and they’re incredibly sticky.

Heartland Seniors Finance are specialist lenders so they specifically cater for the seniors market and the age care market.

We are a leading specialist provider and can help brokers for a training process of accreditation and help them with the customers.

Heartland’s processes are very simple, very easy, and they are quite flexible. They understand the borrowers.

We can help the brokers as little as much as they need to get them and the customers the most out of the line.

Heartland differentiates themselves in the market with lowest interest rate, low establishment cost, and no ongoing fees. So the benefit to the borrower is they can choose when and how much they take from the reverse mortgage, which ultimately results in minimising the cost of the reverse mortgage.

I think many brokers have got a lot of reverse mortgage opportunities in their existing portfolio and it’s just a matter of capturing that data base and marketing and email and communicating to them and they’ll be surprised by how many opportunities there are.

In building a solid reverse mortgage portfolio, you have something that will stand all manner of economic conditions or cycles of interest rates. It will remain in place continuing to service your client, continuing to pay back remuneration.

So if there’s someone who is researching and looking for the perfect reverse mortgage product, definitely go back and have a look at Heartland.

The senior’s demographic is the fastest growing demographic in Australia. If you want to be part of us and add value to your business by tapping this market, then give Heartland Senior Finance a call.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any examples or opinions provided are illustrative only. Information provided is accurate as at 24 October 2016 and may change from time to time. Individuals should consider their own objectives, financial situation and needs and seek appropriate advice. Applications are subject to our normal loan approval criteria. Terms and conditions apply. Credit provided by ASF Custodians Pty Ltd (ACN 106 822 780 / Australian Credit Licence No. 386781).


Information provided is accurate as at 24 November 2016 and may change from time to time