Walking and jogging for Dementia Australia

29 May 2019

Heartland Seniors Finance is proud to help senior Australians live a better retirement, with independence and dignity, through our reverse mortgage. As part of this commitment, we partner with Dementia Australia to support the great work that they do in promoting healthy ageing.

In 2019, there are an estimated 447,115 Australians living with dementia. It is the second leading cause of death in Australia and there is no known cure. However, there are small steps that we can take to keep our brains healthier and help reduce our risk of developing dementia later in life. Yes, you guessed it! Physical activity is one of them.

As part of our support of Dementia Australia this year, 8 of our staff, plus some of their friends and family, participated in Melbourne’s Memory Walk & Jog.

Congratulations to Andrew and Anna for running the 5km and 10km courses respectively, and to our noble walkers, Janette, Jess, Jeff, Julie, Nicole and Caitlin.

We are proud to support Dementia Australia in providing much-needed support services, education and social research for those living with dementia in Australia.

Find Dementia Australia’s 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health here.

Interested in joining an event? Visit MemoryWalk.com.au.


Information provided is accurate as at 29 May 2019 and may change from time to time.