Walking in the footsteps of Greats

08 May 2018

Our aim at Heartland Seniors Finance is to help Australian retirees live a more comfortable retirement, with independence and dignity. As such, we are privileged to regularly see first-hand what a difference we make to the lives of our customers.

Down on the Mornington Peninsula, an hour south of Melbourne, Joyce* has lived in her family home of 40 years. She’s watched her children grow, the community evolve and expand and wouldn’t trade that home and the memories for anything.

But Joyce, like a growing number of senior Australians, entered retirement with a modest mortgage. Making the repayments was becoming more and more challenging, with her only income being the aged pension and general increases in living costs, particularly utilities and council rates.

Joyce also had some unexpected medical expenses and required an operation to maintain her mobility. This also meant that she needed to do some alterations to her home in order to stay independent.

Joyce’s bank gave her an ultimatum: sell her home to downsize or find another way to repay the loan.

Joyce sought to the internet to find out what other options she had outside of her bank and discovered Heartland. Upon consultation, we were able to consolidate her debt, providing funds for the alterations and now, she’s planning her dream holiday.

She said travelling to Europe was on her bucket list but she thought she would never get there. When we asked her about her adventure she said:

“I’m going to Amsterdam for the tulips at the end of April, then Paris, London, Rome and Florence. Can’t believe I will finally be able to see Monet’s Garden, David and Sistine Chapel. Walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Renoir and Cezanne.”

In the space of a month, Joyce has gone from fearing she was going to lose her home to being able to go on the trip of a lifetime and have peace of mind.

In an email Joyce sent to us, it said:

“I will never forget your kindness. A celebration of you and the miracles you perform every day…”

Proof that we genuinely change the lives of customers.


*Real customer, real story, name changed for privacy.