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Why do we require an Annual Questionnaire?

29 June 2020

One of the terms of Heartland’s reverse mortgage is that an Annual Questionnaire is to be completed each year. This is sent on the anniversary of the commencement date of the loan for completion and return. Unlike some providers, who require regular, ongoing, valuations and charge these to the customer, Heartland takes a different approach. This annual questionnaire allows us to confirm:

  • The wellbeing of our customers;
  • The condition of the security property;
  • That key obligations (such as rates and insurance) have been maintained;
  • Who is currently residing in the security property; and
  • That you still reside at the security property.

Above all, these questions also allow us to keep in touch and maintain our relationship with you, our customers. Your wellbeing is our top priority, and we want you to know that we are here to help. If we do not receive your questionnaire, or hear from you, we will send reminders in the post, and we may send someone (an “agent”) out to the property to check on you and make sure that you are well. If you are an existing Heartland customer and would prefer to complete your annual questionnaire over the phone with one of our friendly team, please give us call.

Information provided is accurate as of 29 June 2020, and may change from time to time.