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A reverse mortgage allows people over 60 to access some of the equity in their home, helping them fund a more comfortable retirement. Importantly, with a reverse mortgage you continue to own and live in your home.

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Heartland Reverse Mortgage features

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when taking out a reverse mortgage loan is which lender to choose. Here are some of the market-leading features that have led over 21,000 Australians to choose Heartland as their reverse mortgage provider.

You should be comfortable with your decision to borrow a reverse mortgage loan. Heartland offers lifetime occupancy, so you continue to enjoy any increase in property value. We also offer a ‘no negative equity guarantee’ and require our customers to seek independent legal advice, as we take our duty of care seriously.
Ideally your reverse mortgage provider will offer different drawdown options to cater for every need, such as a lump sum up front, regular ongoing advances (monthly, quarterly or annually), or a ‘cash reserve’ facility for future access to funds.
Most reverse mortgage providers in Australia are not specialist lenders. Heartland, on the other hand, deeply understands the particular needs of people over 60 and has a passion for changing the lives of Australians as they are moving to, or in, retirement.
Unlike some reverse mortgage lenders, Heartland does not have a maximum loan amount. The amount you can borrow is determined on our credit criteria, including your age, location, and property value. Our minimum loan amount is lower than most providers, and this minimum amount is waived when you are looking to structure your loan to pay for home care.
Your circumstances can change at any time. A Heartland Reverse Mortgage does not require regular payments, as the debt is repaid from the future sale of your property – however, you can still make repayments if you wish without any penalty.
We also offer an Equity Protection Option, allowing you to choose to protect a percentage of the eventual sale proceeds of your home. This way, you or your estate are then guaranteed to receive a minimum of the sale proceeds upon repayment and discharge, regardless of the future property value or loan balance.
Own more than one property? Heartland’s Secondary Property Loan allows you to use a holiday home or investment property as security for your reverse mortgage.
Some reverse mortgage lenders will not provide funding where the borrower no longer resides in the home. Heartland’s Aged Care Option is a solution for those already in residential care, or people who are planning to move into care in the near future.

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